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Circumstances Rarely as Planned – MA AUTO

As Planned: $ 55.00
Credits: 2.0
Issues that will be discussed:
*Trailers ... when they are or aren't covered
*Physical damage and rental cars ... when it applies, how and how much
*Just what IS glass
*ACV payment ... can be a problem
*Listing operators ... household members or not ... and yes there IS a law ...
**AND ... last but NOT least ... UM/UM ... what's the point ... just how to explain these very important coverages and the need to look at one's own policy

Commercial Auto Policy

As Planned: $ 65.00
Credits: 3.0
Eligibility for BAP
Common Policy Conditions
Who is an Insured?
Additional Insured Endorsement
Liability Exclusions

Fraud Awareness

As Planned: $ 65.00
Credits: 3.0
Fraud Defined
Types of Fraud
First Party Fraud
Third Party Fraud
CAR Rules of Operation
Increase Risk of Loss
Help Prevent Premium Fraud
Red Flags
Driver Information
Foreign Licenses

Fundamental Features of MA Auto

As Planned: $ 65.00
Credits: 3.0
*Eligibility and the MAP ... who qualifies ... who doesn't
*The MAP covers MORE than the auto described ... a look at how the MAP follows certain individuals
*Regular use v. customary use ... and the DANGERS of both of these issues to your auto clients
*Uninsured motorists and underinsured motorists in the MAP .. WHO is covered and who is not

Homeowners Insurance

As Planned: $ 65.00
Credits: 3.0
Home Owners Policy Format
Replacement Value
HO Eligibility Forms
Factors in Determining Eligibility
WHO is an Insured.. and why?
Section I

Insuring the Personal Condominium Unit-Owner

As Planned: $ 65.00
Credits: 3.0
*Absolutely essential issues to understand when selling the personal condo policy.
*Importance of bylaws ..
*How the master policy deductible might affect your client
*The need for loss assessment coverage
*Wicked important endorsements for the condo policy

MA Auto Policy

As Planned: $ 65.00
Credits: 3.0
Overall Eligibility
Eligible Vehicles
Policy Introduction
Four Compulsory Parts
Although it may be mentioned, there is NO PowerPoint handouts for the Video programs.